Why Choose Blinds Over Curtains?

Subject to your home decor blinds can be better option than curtains. They are often tidier and more space efficient than most curtain styles and have the ability to create a more modern, minimalist look to a room depending on the fabric and style of blind you chose. Blinds can also be used to create a neat, streamlined and professional look which can be difficult to achieve using traditional curtains.

Blinds come in a range of styles, colours and materials such as wooden or aluminum venetians, fabric panel glides and rollers, Roman, honeycell and vertical. This diversity of styles and build types gives homeowners greater ability to select a window furnishing that best suits the individual styling of their home when compared with curtain options.

On a practical and functional level, blinds offer better light control than traditional curtains by allowing for complete block-out, partial block-out or full light. Additionally blind systems often incorporate durable, easy to use operating systems such as chain and roller mechanisms.

Buying Tips


Colour & Texture

Blinds can add colour, lighting and privacy to a room, as well as being an important insulator for our Canberra winters. If you want to add privacy but retain natural light then opt for ‘sheer’ opacity, whilst block-out blinds provide great results if you like a dark room for sleeping during the day. If you already have a feature wall, you can match your blinds to your wall paint to keep a more neutral finish. Alternatively, you can add colour and drama to the room by contrasting your colours. Colours are not your only option, we also have a range of fabrics with different textures and patterns that can help transform the room.

Made to Measure

Our second buying tip is to go for made to measure. Made to measure ensures the perfect fit in terms of the width and drop of the blind. This is important for several reasons, firstly it just looks better having the right width and drop! Secondly, minimising gaps improves the thermal performance of the blinds, minimises drafts, improves privacy and keeps the sunlight out when desired.

Types of Blinds

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