What are Shutters?

Shutters, often referred to as ‘Plantation shutters’ are a window treatment made from basswood or PVC which are slatted shutters for interior (or sometimes exterior) windows. They provide stylish and solid alternatives to curtains and other traditional dressings. Shutters are available with or without an opening mechanism, without the mechanism provides an ultra clean look and the slats are still moveable up and down by hand, allowing complete control of light. Shutters are a neat looking and versatile solution to windows and can be treated in various stains and paints allowing homeowners to customise their window finishings to fit in with any style (although white is by far the most common finish).

Types of Shutters



Custom made Basswood shutters add an instant touch of class to any home. Suitable for all types of rooms and especially perfect for feature rooms and bedrooms. Our Basswood shutters are made from 100% Basswood and can be painted to almost any colour combination. Basswood is a proven material for shutters, it is strong and highly resistant to bowing and UV.



PVC shutters are an excellent alternative to Basswood shutters for more budget applications. PVC offers the modern look at a more affordable price without compromising on durability and longevity. PVC shutters are available in a range of blade sizes, painted and stained colours, and frame types are suitable for sliding doors, corner/shaped windows and bi-fold doors.

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