Why Choose Carpet Flooring?

Carpet is the perfect floor covering for rooms where you want to create a warm and comfortable feel such as in bedrooms and family rooms. It is a great insulator and assists in retaining warmth within your home leading to lower heating and energy bills over our cold Canberra winters. Carpet has good noise absorption properties, making it quieter than most other types of flooring, and perfect for minimising noise from foot traffic while improving sound quality in entertaining areas by reducing vibration and reflection. You are less likely to slip on carpet compared to many other types of flooring, making it a safer option if you have young children or elderly people at home. By trapping dust carpet can help prevent the release of allergens into the air that cause allergic responses such as asthma, allowing you and your family to breathe easier. Carpet is easy to care for and comes in a range of colours and styles to suit the decor of any room.

Carpet Buying Tips

Room lighting

Different levels of light can change the appearance of the carpet’s colour making the carpet look lighter or darker under different lighting conditions. Therefore before making the final purchasing decision we recommend taking a sample of the carpet and viewing it in your home for colour.


If you have high traffic areas around your home or pets inside you should consider not only the appearance of the carpet but importantly how durable the carpet is and how it will respond to wear.

Stain and fade resistance

Pets, children, food and drink are are all common sources of carpet staining. You should considered the likelihood of the carpet becoming stained at your place and match this with an appropriate stain and soil resistant carpet. Fade resistance should also be addressed, particularly where the room you are carpeting receives a significant amount of natural light.

Carpet fibres and pile style

Carpet fibres are usually wool, nylon, polypropylene or polyester. Common pile types are twist, plush, loop, modulated loop and level cut loop. The fibre used and the pile style will change the overall look of the carpet and its key characteristics such as feel and durability. You should consider which fibre and pile style is best suited to your needs.

How much carpet do I need?

You can calculate how much carpet you need using our calculator (LINK) or contact us for a free quote.

Need some help choosing the best carpet for your needs?

Our friendly staff are experts in matching carpet types to your individual needs. Get in touch with us for free fast carpet advice.

The Eversoft Carpet Range

The Eversoft Range offers soft to touch fibres, delivering incredible softness and leaving your carpet looking and feeling luxurious. It is easy to care for, with Stainmaster carpet being food and drink stain resistant. It also offers soiling resistance technology, limiting the ability of dry soil to stick to the fibres. The Eversoft Range is fade resistant, anti static and has a abrasive wear warranty.

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