Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl planks/tiles are a high resolution photography with several protective wear layers. Vinyl flooring is affordable, functional and practical, making it one of the fastest growing categories in flooring. It is eco-friendly, able to be recycled, fire resistant, and importantly, looks great!

Vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles come in a range of styles to suit both modern and traditional decors including stone, slate, wood and tile. They are easy to maintain, requiring only basic maintenance (like sweeping and mopping), and when installed with the appropriate backing can be used in certain wet areas. The range of designs coupled with easy maintenance and versatility make it the perfect flooring alternative for nearly every room in your home.

Vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles are scuff, stain and scratch resistant ensuring long life and durability with limited maintenance, making them great for high traffic areas or busy families with children and pets.

Warmth, comfort and quiet are the main reasons people choose carpet over other floorings. However, vinyl flooring and tiles are able to deliver these characteristics with easier maintenance through the use of soft, absorbent backings that insulate against the cold and reduce noise. It is also used as a popular alternative to timber flooring due to its ability to be used in certain wet areas.

Buying Tips

When choosing which vinyl flooring or tiles are appropriate for your home colour and style are important considerations to ensuring you achieve an end result that ties in beautifully with the existing or planned decorative theme of your home.

In order to make sure that the vinyl flooring or tiles you are thinking of choosing is the perfect colour match for your home it is recommended that you take a sample home and test it for colour and style before making the final purchasing decision. This is important because the lighting in showrooms or pictures are often different to the lighting in your home which can change the appearance of the vinyl flooring. Furthermore, the colour of the walls in your home and their finish can impact on the look of the flooring as they can reflect in the vinyl.

After seeing the rooms in which you plan to install the vinyl flooring, our friendly staff can advise you on colour and style options to best suit your existing decor. We can also measure the rooms and discuss installation needs to ensure you will be completely satisfied with the end result. A final tip is to take note of the image repetition, cheaper planks/tiles often have very limited images on the boards, which doesn’t give the same finish of the higher quality products.

Signature Tile & Plank Range

The Signature Vinyl Tile & Plank range enables customers to get the look and feel of a Timber or Tile floor with the added advantage of easier care and maintenance - scratch and scuff resistance as well as moisture resistance. Sound and heat properties are also an advantage over traditional products - much warmer underfoot than tiles. For installation, many of our products have both options of directly stick or click, enabling a wide scope of use with these amazing vinyl products.

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